Manna-Fest Destiny Ministries (Our Banner) is a body of believers, who come to seek the face of God in order that He may manifest to us our whole life’s destiny by His word (Manna which means “What Is This”).  It is the unknown or unfamiliar being given and revealed.  It is bread from heaven.  The children of Israel were given Manna to sustain them as they traveled from their old into their new predestined, promised destiny.  We as children of the Most High God are travelers on a spiritual journey, traveling from the old into the new; new power, new provision, new promises, new passions, and new purposes.  A glorious, spiritual revealing; a manifestation of the awesomeness of God. 

Manna also can be linked to the word “Manifestation”.  We desire for God to manifest His glory to us and through us.

Last, but certainly not least, the suffix “Fest” in Manna-Fest, can be tied to words such as “Festival or Festivities” which mean celebration, merriment, or gala.  As we travel from glory to glory, from story to story, from world conformity to transformation (bringing the process of one thing into accord with another (sameness) with Jesus Christ); we declare that there will be a high time of celebration with no hesitation as we seek to live an abundant life in the overflow and in the joy of our salvation. 

“The Joy Of The Lord Is Our Strength”

Are You Ready!

Praise Him!

Our Vision

Our vision is to equip the saints to uplift God and to spread the good news about Jesus Christ; the abundant life He came to give.  This is shown by the life we live and the service we give.  We are and will become living bibles for the world to read.  We are here to provoke change in our lives, the lives of our families, our communities, and our world.  We are lights to the world that will not be hidden.  We see no limits in God as we embark into the possible to affect the impossible.  We come to build, claim, and provoke the manifestation of what God has already given us.  We are:

People of Purpose,

People of Power,

People of Promise,

And People of Passion.

Our Mission

Our mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to whomsoever will hear.  We are here as a church body to provide an exceptional level of service to the surrounding communities.  This includes all the needs of the communities that God has placed in our charge to provide.

-Dixon Community Feeding Project- 3rd Thursday of each Month

-Free Clothing Giveaway-TBA

-Dixon Nursing Home Ministry-Every 5th Sunday of each Month

-City Council Meetings-(St Robert) TBA

-Community House Of Prayer (St Robert) Every Tuesday 5pm-9pm

-Good Samaritan Feeding Program-(Waynesville) TBA

-Community Feed The Children Program-

          (Sponsored by Still Useable Ministries) St Robert, TBA

-Community Unity Project

-Mentorship Program Juvenile Court Processing (Waynesville)

-Phelps & Pulaski County Prison Ministry

MFDM Community Involvements

Our Upcoming Events